About Us

Owner of naked toffee Josh










Over 19 years ago, my fascination with Toffee began when I became a candy cook apprentice at a local candy factory. I walked in off the street with no appointment, no experience, no resume, got hired, and as they say....the rest is history!

In 2008, my passion for making Toffee moved into my own kitchen. I began sharing it with everyone I knew by giving it as gifts. Although I didn't know it at the time, those long hours spent hand-stirring 7lb. batches of Toffee were the building blocks of the business that I would soon establish.

Through the years, I've continued refining, improving and tweaking my recipes, and in 2019 I was blessed with the opportunity to upgrade into a commercial facility with expansive space and commercial-grade equipment. That move is truly what opened the doors to larger-scale manufacturing and distributing Naked Toffee to customers on a much larger scale!

When you eat Naked Toffee, you'll immediately see that it's not like anything you've ever tasted before! That's because all of our recipes are carefully crafted, and over the years I've built a proprietary process that creates truly unique toffee

What do I love most about Naked Toffee?
Honestly, it's the way people light up and how much fun it is giving it out to people and seeing their reactions when they try it for the first time! So, if you're ready to try the most unique, best-tasting toffee that there is, then head to our shop, visit a retailer or find me at a show to begin your obsession with Naked Toffee!

Josh K.